About Us

About Us

Sahyog Youth Welfare Society, Amravati is a Non-Government, Non-Political and Non-Profit voluntary organization registered under society act with registration number AMT/7644/MAH and is approved by the Central and Maharashtra Government. It was established in 1997 with a commitment to change the social lifestyle of the rural areas of Maharashtra. We work for various different social cause including Water Sanitation, Woman Empowerment, Environment Protection, AIDS Awareness etc.

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Sahyog Youth Welfare Society, Amravati

Our mission is dedicated to the service of the underprivileged and unfortunate in our society. We want to create a volunteering movement where educated people like you and us can take charge of destiny of the underprivileged and thus proudly and together - build a stronger, vibrant, empathic and developed society.

Aims & Objectives

  • Development of Youth (Social, Educational, Mental, Entertainment etc.)
  • Development of Rural Area.
  • To run welfare schemes for widow and poor women through Government ,semi – Government and NGO
  • To run various welfare schemes for children and women for the upliftment. To run old age hostels Orphanage hostels and ladies hostels.
  • To run welfare schemes for the development tribal communities, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.
  • To develop standard of retarded and handicapped people. To run Balsanskar workshop for the children. To develop Labour class peoples.
  • To run educational institutions, personality development classes and workshop for the youth to the enhancement of their mental level and educational level.
  • To run various types of schemes or welfare works to conserve environment tree and forest. To help the people in natural calamities.
  • To work for National unity and integrity
  • To create awareness about health and hygiene in the society and help them in such matter.
  • To work for AIDS and other sensitive diseases to developed health condition.
  • To run and implement schemes to enhance literacy and other informal education.
  • To eliminate and eradicate the blind faith, Dowry death, lack of knowledge, social indifferences etc.
  • To run rehabilitation centres for orphan children’s, Rehabilitation centre for labour class children and need human beings.
  • To run drug – de – addiction centre and counselling centre to shop alcohol consumption.
  • Work for handicraft weaver upliftment and development thoroughly.
  • To develop special any craft in particular field.
  • Implement programme to develop handicraftsmen, cottage worker and enhance their capacity building in manufacturing, technical, distribution and skill.
  • To arrange workshop, seminar exhibition, survey , study tour to make famous handicraft and weaven thing in India and abroad.
  • To run project and implement cottage industries and parallel industries.
  • To create market for the product of S.H.G and sell it is in proper price and strengthening S.H.G through GOI & State Government Schemes by which they can financially be strong.
  • To implement Rural Water Supply, urban Water Supply and Sanitation Projects.
  • To avail professional services for Govt. and Semi Govt. by the Sahyog.
  • To run and implement Project of the World Bank and other funding agaencies of western countries through FCRA